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Next Gen Consoles Xbox and PS4 Use Same Model as Luxury Cars

Xbox One PS4 Next Gen Consoles

It's called Planned Obsolescence and it's kept Xbox and Playstation customers in the sales loop for four generations, or iterations, of their popular video game consoles. Interestingly enough, it's also used to keep you buying other high-end … [Read more...]

Compare the 2013 Honda Accord and Ford Fusion

2013 Honda Accord

Compare the 2013 Honda Accord to Ford Fusion If you’re shopping for a mid-sized family car with great style and plentiful features, odds are you've looked at either the 2013 Honda Accord or the 2013 Ford Fusion. Maybe you've checked out both. … [Read more...]

How Does My Credit Score Affect My Car Insurance?

Credit Score Problem

Many car insurance companies use some pretty basic information in order to give you a car insurance quote. That information usually includes things like your name, address, job, and the type of car you drive. Sometimes that information … [Read more...]

The Most Fuel Efficient Cars Under $10,000

2009 Honda Insight

The auto industry has made huge leaps in recent years in terms of fuel efficient cars. For people looking to buy used cars, it used to be that you expected to get a vehicle with average to low gas mileage. Nowadays you can find used cars that … [Read more...]

Surviving a Summer Heatwave

summer hot weather

So far, summer weather in the US hasn't been too bad. Sure it’s been hot and we've had a lot of rain and severe storms, but the last two to three years saw more than one record-setting heatwave throughout the country. This year, it’s been … [Read more...]

What Kind of Car Insurance Do I Need?

what kind of car insurance

Today, the car insurance guru answers the question; What kind of car insurance do I need? There are a lot of different kinds of car insurance available to drivers, but do you really need all of them? What kind of car insurance do you need? … [Read more...]

Car Buying Guide for College Students

car buying guide for students

Are you in school and in need of a new car? has created a car buying guide for students to help keep your car buying costs to a minimum. Why throw away money on a car now when you're going to need it to pay off those student … [Read more...]

Direct Car Insurance Pros and Cons

direct car insurance provider

When buying car insurance you have the option to buy direct car insurance, buy through an agent, or you can buy from a broker. Read on to see why buying direct car insurance may be your best option. What is Direct Car Insurance? Direct car … [Read more...]

The Best Used Cars Under $10,000

Kia Optima

These days it seems like everyone is on a budget, which can make shopping for a car a bit tricky. To help you save money and make the process simpler, has created a list of the best used cars under $10,000. What makes these used … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

compare car insurance quotes

Who has time to compare car insurance quotes? Getting more than one quote and then comparing not only the price, but the policies and coverages themselves can be a time consuming task. So why would anyone take the time to compare car insurance … [Read more...]